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Quinta Do Animal...

... is an ecological farm in the Beira Alta region of Portugal. Set in a beautiful valley next to the Rio Mondego we try to live together in harmony with all the nature around us. We grow all our vegetables organically using permaculture methods, keep goats for the milk and to make cheese, keep pigs for meat and of course, like every farm, we have poultry for our eggs. We try to be as eco-friendly as possible, by recycling everything, using solar energy and composting toilets. We are also planning to set up a reed bed system to recycle our precious water for the irrigation of our fruit trees.

We like to live immersed in nature and that includes the type of dwellings that we accommodate, so that’s why we choose the very simple but most comfortable and beautiful round structure of the yurt (which we also build here on the farm using locally sourced wood). We would like to share this beautiful place with you for private holidays where you can take extended walks along the river, discovering all kinds of nature, waterfalls, caves and beaches. Or maybe you would like to experience the spirit of the Mondego on horseback? You can listen to the crickets, frogs and nightingales singing to you at night and eat your breakfast to the delightful sound of tinkling bells as the local Shepherd goes past with his sheep on the way to their grazing ground next to the river.

When it gets too hot it’s wonderful to go down to the river beach where it’s nice and cool, take a dip in the refreshing water or just watch the fish jumping. If you’re feeling a bit more energetic, a canoe down the river is a good way to see some of the beauty that is all around. There is also space and time for bringing out the creative side of you with tranquil private places for meditation, painting, music …

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